The restoration of the Eureka Theatre is entirely volunteer based and is moving forward project by project. Projects for 2010 include restoration of the neon blade sign, auditorium stage lighting upgrades, and preliminary plans for a new concession area/snack bar.     

The Eureka Theater has been added to the National Register of Historic Places as of January 9, 2010!



Restoration Progress:


February 2009: 

  New Marquees installed!

  New door closers installed on front entrance doors.

   Office demolition began with removal of damaged plaster.

March 2009: 

  New refrigerators purchased and installed for event perishables.


May 2009:

   Lighting and sound system upgrades installed.


July 2009:  

  Auditorium floor painted, stage leveled and painted.

August 2009:

  3 sets of fire exit doors installed and painted.

New smoke & fire detection system installed.

  3 vintage 1939 sinks installed in men’s restroom.

Lobby carpet areas repaired/replaced with matching vintage remnants.

September 2009:

 Roof repairs completed!