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Passion Presents: 
A Very Special Humboldt 4-20 Celebration featuring
Melvin Seals & JGB

April 20, 2014 - Doors 7:00 PM | Show 8:00 PM

Melvin Seals has been a powerful presence in the music industry for over 30 years with a long-established reputation as a performer, recording artist and producer.  Melvin is most revered for his powerful, high-spirited, Hammond B-3 organ, and keyboards in the Jerry Garcia Band.  Melvin spun his B-3 magic with the Jerry Garcia Band for 18 years and in doing so helped pioneer and define what has now become “Jam Band Music”.  From blues to funk to rock to jazz, Melvin Seals serves up a tasty mix with a little R&B and gospel thrown in to spice things up. Melvin and JGB bring an intuitive, expressive style, soul, spontaneity and remarkable chops to the table. Adding his rock-gospel-soul-rhythm and blues touch with his funky style of playing, no wonder Jerry nicknamed him “Master of the Universe”. Melvin continues to treat music lovers to his unique brand of melodic flavor with JGB. Come see and hear for yourself! Tickets are $30, and can be purchased online here, or in person at Wildberries Marketplace, NHS Hydroponics (Arcata), Humboldt Glassblowers, and The Works.


Arcata Stationers and Pacific Paper Co. present
Fourth Friday Flix: OFFICE SPACE
April 25, 2014 | 7:30 PM

Sure, we could write a lot here about Office Space--give a brief plot synopsis, mention the cast, try to communicate why. It. Rocks. But what would be the point? You know all this. You have seen it, probably many times. Many of us are living it. The words "flair," "Swingline," "Michael Bolton," and "Penetrode" bring appreciative, savoring smiles to your faces. And the few out there that have somehow managed to miss it undoubtedly have friends that will spontaneously quote from it at great length, and can do a much better job of getting your sorry behind into the theater to share it with them. So stick it to The Man by coming to see Office Space on the big screen. Flair optional. And we do not want to see your O face.
89 min. Rated R | Admission $5.00

arts alive.jpgArts Alive! Eureka
May 3, 2014 | 6:00-9:00 PM

On the first Saturday of every month, when you’re out and about enjoying Humboldt County’s largest monthly cultural and arts event, stop by the Eureka Theater for some free big-screen fun—cartoons, shorts, even classic films! Our concession stand offers candy, snacks, soft drinks, beer & wine (if you’re over 21)…and free popcorn! Whether it’s for a few minutes or the whole evening, come in and experience one of Eureka's greatest works of art: the beautiful Eureka Theater itself.

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